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We Supplies best International Medical Devices

Our main products are Infusion Sets, Syringe Sets, Safety&Retractable Syringe Sets,Hypodermic Needles,Fistula Needles,Insulin Pen Needles,Scalp Vein Sets,I.V Catheters,Foley Catheter,Extension Tube,Examination Gloves,Medical Catheters,Masks,Vacuum Blood Collection Tube,Blood Transfusion Set,Blood Lines,Breathing Circuit,Pressure Transducer,Infusion Pump,Syringe Pump,First Aid Kit,Surgical Kit,Thermometer,Blood Pressure Monitor,Urine Bag,Vaginal Speculum, Components and Etc. 

 Our company is known for its good quality reputation, reasonable price, and thoughtful services. All are products are register from Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP)


Medical Device

adult oxygen mask class 2 2 1400x

Mask Line

IV Administration Set 107201 500x500

Infusion sets

Suction Tube

Tubing/Catheter Line

Disposable Supply Urine Drainage Bag Urine Bag

Urine Bags

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